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EU authorized representative service

EU Responsible Person FAQ

Do all products require a responsible person in the EU? How to designate an EU Responsible Person? How long does the EU authorized representative procedure take? What are the scope of services of an EU authorized representative / EU Responsible Person? What does Authorized Representative or EU Responsible Person mean to non-EU based sellers? Want to know more about the cost and procedure of EU responsible person or EU authorized representative service? Contact us for free consulting.

How to implement the label compliance for EU representative information?

In the implementing process of product compliances in Europe, we recommend you to pay attention to the following three points and try to implement them according to the requirements. 1.      Upload the EU representative information to relevant e-commerce platform 2.      Print required information on your product What kind of information… Read More »How to implement the label compliance for EU representative information?

What is the role of the EU authorized representative?

According to the EU market surveillance regulations that will be implemented on July 16, 2021, if products with the CE marking want to enter the EU market for sale, the CE-marked products need to have an EU responsible person as a point of contact for compliance. If a product outside the EU lacks information from an EU authorized representative and enters the market for sale hastily, it will face a strict audit by the EU market supervision authorities. What is the role of the EU authorized representative? Who should sign the DoC to be valid? How to choose a qualified EU authorized representative?

EU authorized representative vs. EU importer

What is the essential difference between the EU authorized representative and EU importer? Can the seller act as an EU importer of the product? Duties of the EU representative. Responsibilities of EU importer.

Cost and duties of EU responsible person

What does EU responsible person/ EU authorized representative service cost? What product needs the information of EU responsible person? Which products need CE certification? What are the duties of the EU responsible person or EU authorized representative? What are the consequences if I don’t register for the European authorized representative / EU responsible person?

What you need to know about EU responsible person

Do all products need an European responsible person? What does EU authorized representative service mean to non-EU based sellers? What are the options to designate the EU responsible person? What are the advantages to designate a neutral and independent agent as EU responsible person? How long can the EU authorized representative service initiate? What is the scope of EU authorized representative service?