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Cost and duties of EU responsible person

The new EU product safety regulations (known as the “EU Market Supervision Regulation EU2019/1020”) will come into effect on July 16, 2021. The new regulations require that products with the CE mark need to have an EU responsible person as product compliance contact. The EU responsible person must provide the company name, address, email and phone number.

What does EU responsible person/ EU authorized representative service cost?

At present, we offer a very attractive service fee for EU responsible person/ EU authorized representative service. Our price is very transparent and fair. Compliance consultation is included in our service package.

If you want to know more about EU responsible person/ EU authorized representative service, please email us for consultation.

What product needs the information of EU responsible person?

1) The products sold carry the CE mark

2) The goods sold are produced outside the EU.

Which products need CE certification?

Products such as power supplies, home appliances, electronics, communication products, wireless products, wireless communications, machinery, medical equipment, toys, etc.

What are the duties of the EU responsible person or EU authorized representative?

1. Responsible for contacting the regulatory agencies of various countries within the EU to handle product complaints, adverse events and recalls;

2. According to the requirements, maintain the technical documents or CE conformity declaration for inspection by the competent authority;

3. Provide EU authorized representative information for product packaging, labels, instructions for use and other required information.

4. Collect EU Declaration of Conformity (or performance declarations) of the products and ensure that the manufacturer or brand owner can provide other documents proving that the products meet the EU requirements in a language understood by the competent authority as required.

What are the consequences if I don’t register for the European authorized representative / EU responsible person?

1. According to the new EU product safety regulations (EU Regulation (EU) 2019/1020″), after July 16, 2021, the sales of CE marked products in the EU without EU responsible People are illegal.

2. According to Amazon’s official announcement, starting from July 2021, it is considered illegal to sell CE-marked products without valid European authorized representative.

3. non-compliant products is forbidden to enter Amazon FBA warehouse.

4. Non-compliance products shall be detained during customs clearance.

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