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What you need to know about DoC

What is a DoC(Declaration of conformity)?

DoC is the Declaration of Conformity. The CE certification directive stipulates that the manufacturer or its authorized representative established in Europe is obliged to formulate a declaration of conformity (or ” DoC”) as part of the conformity assessment procedure and must be issued before the product is placed on the market in Europe.

Do products entering the EU market must have a DoC compliance statement?

To import products from outside the EU, the importers must ensure that the product is accompanied by a DoC, and must keep a copy of this declaration of conformity for 10 years after the product is placed on the market. At the same time, the seller must translate the DoC into one or more languages ​​required by the EU country/region where the product is sold.

What is the content of the DoC?

The DoC(Declaration of Conformity) may differ depending on the seller’s product, but most declarations of conformity must have the following content:

  • Seller’s name and full company address (non-EU) and the name and address of an authorized representative.
  • Product serial number, model or type identification;
  • Self-declaration, stating that you take full responsibility;
  • Traceable product identification method-can include images;
  • Details of the notified body that conducts the conformity assessment procedure;
  • The relevant regulations/directives that the product complies with and any harmonized standards or other methods used to prove compliance;
  • Your name and signature;
  • The date of issuance of the declaration;
  • Other supplementary information.

Who should sign the DoC document?

According to EU product compliance regulations, a “manufacturer” is a person who has the right to draft a DoC compliance statement, and the so-called “manufacturer” generally refers to the manufacturer or brand owner of the product. And the DoC must be in PDF format when uploaded to the seller’s platform backend.