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What you need to know about EU responsible person

Do all products need an European responsible person?

Firstly, you must confirm whether your products shall comply with CE marking regulations. Common goods with the CE mark include toys and games, TV/audio devices, personal protective equipment, machinery, construction goods, gas equipment, leisure and private boats, pressure vessels, and measuring equipment. These products all require an European authorized representative.

What does EU authorized representative service mean to non-EU based sellers?

If you sell goods with the CE mark and the products are manufactured outside the European Union, you need to ensure that such goods have a EU responsible person in the European Union before July 16, 2021. After July 16, 2021, if you sell CE-marked goods in the European Union, but there is no EU responsible person, this is an illegal act. Therefore, after the new regulations, you need to make sure that your CE-marked products are affixed with the contact information of the EU responsible person. Such labels can be placed on merchandise, merchandise packaging, parcels or accompanying documents.

What are the options to designate the EU responsible person?

1. If you have a subsidiary or bounded importer in the EU, you can designate them as the person in charge of your goods.

2. A testing laboratory or certification company in EU may provide the service of the responsible person against additional charge.

3. Designate a neutral and independent European authorized representative service agent like

What are the advantages to designate a neutral and independent agent as EU responsible person?

  • No business conflicts than designate a cooperated seller/importer in the EU
  • Not dependent on any existing sales relationship
  • Keep business secrets confidential
  • Keep regulation and product compliance up to date
  • Minimize compliance risks

How long can the EU authorized representative service initiate?

Under normal circumstances, the EU authorized representative service and necessary certificate can be initiated within a week.

What is the scope of EU authorized representative service?

1. Verify the compliance of the “Declaration of Conformity” (DoC) or “Performance Declaration” of the product, and ensure that the brand owner can provide other documents proving that the product meets the requirements of the EU regulation in a EU local language, that is understood by the competent authority as required;

2. Inform the competent authority of any risks caused by the product;

3. Cooperate with market regulators, including ensuring that brand owners take necessary corrective measures to correct any violations.

In addition, the contact information of the EU responsible person needs to be displayed on the product or its packaging, parcel or accompanying documents. is glad to be your trustworthy and fair price European authorized representative for your product compliance in Europe. Contact us for free consulting.