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How to implement the label compliance for EU representative information?

In the implementing process of product compliances in Europe, we recommend you to pay attention to the following three points and try to implement them according to the requirements.

1.      Upload the EU representative information to relevant e-commerce platform

2.      Print required information on your product

What kind of information is printed?

The typical style of printing the European representative information is, the left is EC-REP symbol, the right is the European representative information, the printing must be complete and clear without missing information.

How to print the information?

Because the information requirements of the EU authorized representative must be clear and cannot be easily destroyed. Therefore, it is recommended to print the information on the package, label or instruction manual, and also print the name, address, and all other information of the European representative.

If your product is very small and cannot be printed at all, you cannot print it on the product, but it still needs to be printed on the instructions for use and packaging.

3.      Make labels that comply with the normative EU norms

The product label must have at least an international trademark (if applicable); the name and model of the product, the importer’s company name (in most cases the store owner), the address of the importer’s company, the name, and address of the company, product warnings (different by product category), CE Logo and other icons(if applicable).

Today, when compliance is already a general trend for cross-border e-commerce, choosing a reliable European representative service provider is crucial. Sellers should pay attention to the fact that the new European regulations have been in effect since July 16th, 2021. Sellers with more products should speed up their arrangements to avoid customs seizures and platform audit checks. They need to make early preparations to avoid the risk of penalties caused by product safety compliance.