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Declaration of conformity

EU Responsible Person FAQ

Do all products require a responsible person in the EU? How to designate an EU Responsible Person? How long does the EU authorized representative procedure take? What are the scope of services of an EU authorized representative / EU Responsible Person? What does Authorized Representative or EU Responsible Person mean to non-EU based sellers? Want to know more about the cost and procedure of EU responsible person or EU authorized representative service? Contact us for free consulting.

Meaning and types of the CE mark

Products exported to the European Union normally have a”CE” mark on them. Only when the product is printed with the CE mark can it be sold in EU countries, and the product needs to be accompanied by a CE (Declaration of Conformity) certificate. So what meaning does this CE mark… Read More »Meaning and types of the CE mark

What you need to know about DoC

What is a DoC(Declaration of conformity)? DoC is the Declaration of Conformity. The CE certification directive stipulates that the manufacturer or its authorized representative established in Europe is obliged to formulate a declaration of conformity (or ” DoC”) as part of the conformity assessment procedure and must be issued before… Read More »What you need to know about DoC