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Amazon requests sellers to submit DoC

Recently, many non-EU sellers on Amazon platform have received emails that requesting them to submit a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for the products they sell. If the DoC is not submitted within the specified time, the listing of their products may be subject to removal.

Amazon request DoC for each ASIN product. Each selling site may be different, the seller needs to submit individual DoC according to specific requirements.

The first compliance regulation audit of Amazon is taken into effect. Our clients notify us as of today, the categories involved include furniture, accessories, toys, and some electronic products. Amazon has sent emails to remind sellers that from July 16, 2021, the EU market supervision and product compliance regulations (eu) 2019/1020 will be officially implemented, and the EU market supervision authorities will conduct spot checks on products with CE marks. All products that do not meet the EU product safety compliance requirements will be ordered to withdraw from the market and destroyed.

This first wave of aggressive product safety compliance requests are undoubtedly a big hit for the upcoming peak season. If the seller does not take proper compliance measures, Amazon may restrict sales rights and remove products from listing.

What is a DoC(Declaration of Conformity)?

The DoC is the Declaration of Conformity. The CE certification directive stipulates that the manufacturer is obliged to formulate a Declaration of Conformity as part of the conformity assessment procedure. This statement must be issued before the product is placed in Europe.

Who should sign the DoC?

According to EU product compliance regulations, a “manufacturer” is a person who has the right to draft a DoC compliance statement, and the so-called “manufacturer” generally refers to the manufacturer or brand owner of the product.

What are the requirements for a qualified DoC ?

As a manufacturer, it is your responsibility to draw up the EU declaration of conformity (DoC). It should contain the following information:

  1. your name and full business address or that of your authorized representative.
  2. the product’s serial number, model or type identification.
  3. a statement, stating you take full responsibility.
  4. means of identification of product allowing traceability – this can include an image.
  5. the details of the notified body which carried out the conformity assessment procedure (if applicable)
  6. the relevant legislation with which the product complies, as well as any harmonized standards or other means used to prove compliance
  7. your name and signature
  8. the date the declaration was issued
  9. supplementary information (if applicable)
  10. For imported products, the importer must ensure that the product is accompanied by the DoC and must keep a copy of it for 10 years after the product has been placed on the market.
  11. You must translate the EU declaration of conformity into the language or languages required by the EU country in which your product is sold.

Our professional service helps non-EU Amazon sellers to be compliant. When you appoint us as your authorized EU representative, we help you review and correct your DoC and ensure your package, label, user instruction and other technical documentations are compliant. Contact us for a quick compliant solution.