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Amazon EPR deadline

Is EPR registration mandatory to sell in Amazon Europe?

The full name of European EPR is Extended Producer Responsibility system. Mainly for the products sold in the European market, the manufacturer or importer needs to be responsible for the entire life cycle of the product. They shall declare and pay relevant recycling and disposal fees to relevant environmental recycling organizations.Which sellers are legally required to register EPR for selling in Amazon Europe? What happens if a seller complies with the relevant regulatory requirements, but does not register EPR for selling in Amazon Europe in time?

Amazon French and German EPR reports are launched, what Amazon seller needs to know about EPR?

Recently, Amazon has launched EPR report for German and French sellers, and sellers can download the report and prepare to file to pay for the EPR fee in Germany and France. The report types are divided into months, quarters, and years.
Sellers can download the report and are also solely responsible for determining the suitability and accuracy of information generated by Amazon, including all calculations, catalog data, invoices, EPR reports and any other EPR-related obligations. Amazon officially also states that last month’s report would be available on or after the 5th of the month.

Amazon will collect and verify EPR registration information from 2022

New announcement from Amazon regarding EPR. Amazon will collect and verify the seller’s EPR registration information. If the seller fails to meet the requirements, non-compliant products will be suspended on the listing. What is EPR? How do sellers determine whether they need to register for EPR? What do sellers need to do to meet EPR requirements? What is the difference between French EPR and German EPR? Contact for free consulting to EPR registration and compliance service!