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Is EPR registration mandatory to sell in Amazon Europe?

Many sellers have received notification emails from Amazon Europe, requesting to upload the European EPR registration number before the deadline. At present, Germany and France have implemented EPR in the regulations. If cross-border sellers do not register the EPR registration number in time, and not declare or pay the environmental protection processing fee on time, the seller’s product will be detained by customs staff when it is imported to the EU customs, and the platform store will also be delisted. Therefore, EPR for Amazon Europe must be registered.

The full name of European EPR is Extended Producer Responsibility system. Mainly for the products sold in the European market, the manufacturer or importer needs to be responsible for the entire life cycle of the product. They shall declare and pay relevant recycling and disposal fees to relevant environmental recycling organizations.

Which sellers are legally required to register EPR for selling in Amazon Europe?

Sellers are legally obliged to register EPR for selling in Amazon Europe if they meet one of the following three conditions:

  1. The seller produces goods that meet the requirements of EPR regulations in local European countries/regions.
  2. The seller imports products that meet the requirements of EPR regulations to local European countries/regions.
  3. The seller sells products that meet the requirements of EPR regulations in a local European country/region and has not legally registered an enterprise in that country/region.

What happens if a seller complies with the relevant regulatory requirements, but does not register EPR for selling in Amazon Europe in time?

During the random inspection by the platform, if the seller cannot provide the platform with favorable proof that the product meets the requirements of EPR, then the platform will be obliged to immediately ban the sale of relevant non-compliant EPR products and delist them.

On the other hand, the new European EPR regulations have officially entered into force in January 2022, and the registration period of WEEE, packaging law and battery act is relatively long. Sellers must reserve sufficient time and fully consider the long compliance cycle.  Please plan ahead and arrange related period for registration matters.