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How much does the French EPR registration cost? How can sellers declare EPR after EPR registration?

Most sellers in France have these questions regarding the French EPR: How much does the French EPR registration cost? How can we declare EPR after EPR registration? What categories of products are obligated to register under the French EPR Directive? Today EU-REP-Service compliance consultants would like to address these questions.

What categories of products are obligated to register under the French EPR Directive?

1. Packaging products: all products that contain outer packaging or secondary outer packaging, such as cartons, packaging plastics or glass.

2. Electronic and electrical products: General products themselves contain electrical and electronic components, which need to be recycled after being discarded, such as general household appliances.

3. Products with batteries: generally, refers to products with embedded or loaded lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, button batteries and other battery products.

4. Furniture products: specifically refers to the waste generated in furniture products, such as tables, chairs, sofas, and other furnishing products.

5. Printing paper: Simply put, some discarded drawings, such as posters, paper and other products.

6. Textile products: generally, refers to textiles, household products made of linen or products such as clothes, shoes, and boots.

How much does the French EPR registration cost?

The French EPR registration price is calculated according to the seller’s own product registration needs. If the seller has registered more product categories, the price will also increase accordingly. At present, the price of EU-REP-Service is one of the most favorable in the industry, and the seller can contact us to get an individual quote of the registration and reporting assistance.

How to declare EPR after French EPR registration?

In fact, French EPR has different declaration times according to different product categories. Taking the recycling of product outer packaging as an example. The French environmental protection recycling agency will give each seller a minimum recycling standard. Based on the minimal standard of recycling quota seller pays the corresponding recycling fee. However, if the packaging materials sold by the seller in the year have far exceeded the estimated amount, then the relevant French EPR recycling declaration fee needs to be paid back at the end of the year. As for the recycling cycle of the French EPR packaging recycle, the declaration is generally carried out on an annual basis, and the end of February each year is the relevant declaration date. By March 31, the seller must complete the declaration and the payment of the recycling declaration fee.

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