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Amazon will collect and verify EPR registration information from 2022

New announcement from Amazon regarding EPR. Amazon will collect and verify the seller’s EPR registration information.

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Amazon Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) announcement

The announcement stated that starting from 2022 (Attention: only two months left!), if sellers want to sell goods in France and Germany, Amazon will confirm whether the goods on sale meet the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements. Sellers, whether you use FBA logistics or self-delivery, are requested by Amazon to meet this requirement.

In addition, Amazon will collect and verify the seller’s EPR registration information. If the seller fails to meet the requirements, non-compliant products will be suspended on the listing.

Amazon Link to EPR registration update

Amazon also stated that in the fourth quarter of 2021 (possibly as early as October this year), Amazon will share the link to upload the EPR registration number.

After receiving this announcement from Amazon, we believe that some sellers who are not familiar with European regulations are not sure what EPR is.  We will explain  sellers like you to understand the data and facts of EPR.

What is EPR?

Extended Producer Responsibility, referred to as EPR.

It is an important environmental policy. This system extends the responsibility of producers to the entire life cycle of their products, especially the post-consumer recycling and different recycling stages.

How do sellers determine whether they need to register for EPR?

Amazon requires that the following three types of “producers” need to register for EPR:

  • If you manufacture goods that need to meet the extended producer responsibility requirements in the corresponding country.
  • If you import goods that need to meet the extended producer responsibility requirements to the corresponding country.
  • If you sell goods that need to meet the extended requirements of producer responsibility in the corresponding country, and you have not established a company in that country.

What do sellers need to do to meet EPR requirements?

Step 1: Register EPR number

After registering the EPR number, upload necessary EPR confirmation documents to the link shared by Amazon.

Step 2: Declare and report

Declare your sales (products covered by different EPR categories) to the corresponding producer responsible operator and organization during the reporting period.

Step 3: Payment

“Environmental protection fees” must be paid to the relevant producer responsibility agencies.

“Environmental protection costs” are defined based on EPR product categories and equipment types (such as refrigerators, baby clothes, chairs), product attributes (such as packaging materials, furniture materials), and the number or weight of sales units.

What is the difference between French EPR and German EPR?

France’s EPR includes 7 categories, namely: packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, furniture, tires, paper, and textiles.

For France, to comply with the EPR, you must apply for the “unique identification number” (a number issued by the EPR issued by the ADEME Public Environment Agency). After receiving the EPR registration confirmation, upload this information to the link shared by Amazon.

For Germany, Amazon also requires you to provide an EPR number. The German EPR registration number is a proof of compliance. You can provide the following registration number as proof of your compliance:

  • Packaging: “Registrierungsnummer”
  • Electrical and electronic equipment: “WEEE-Reg.-Nr.DE”
  • Battery: “Batt-Reg. -Nr.DE2”


European countries have made recycling and circular economy part of the most sustainable plan in the future. To better protect the local environment, EU countries have formulated more and more environmental protection policies and have truly implemented green environmental protection design into practice.

For the Amazon platform, the seller’s EPR registration number must be collected and verified in accordance with EU environmental protection regulations.

Therefore, we recommend that sellers who need to register for EPR should prepare early and register in advance to avoid causing the peak period which might result in registration delays.

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