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How to upload and validate French EPR number in Amazon?

Some Amazon sellers have received the pilot test requirement to enter the French EPR number (Unique Identification Number) via the presented link and are required to submit the UIN number of each recycling category.

Since the pilot test has been started, the official day for full-scale implementation is not far away. How to verify if your French EPR number (UIN) is valid?

1. After the French EPR registration is completed, we will notify you when the UIN registration code is granted.

2. Each recycling category has a different UIN, the general format is FRXXXXXX_CODE, XXXXXX=digital number, Code=two-digit category and four-digit English random code.

3. In the backend epr-compliance page, enter UIN: FR123456_00XXXX, click Confirm to upload, and the official certificate will be validated after the review.

4. All categories have UINs, and all UINs can be verified by the Syderep system of Ademe (French Ministry of Environmental Protection). Those that cannot be verified are fake UINs.