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How to obtain the German packaging law number? German Packaging Law registration tutorial

Recently, Germany has enforced very strict packaging regulations, and some sellers reported that the goods were seized during German customs clearance. The reason given by German customs was that no packaging registration information was found on the outer packaging of the product. The seller gave feedback that the product was only registered with the relevant packaging law before importing to the EU, and no recycler was entrusted to recycle the package, and no relevant recycler label was affixed. Therefore, after being audited by the German Customs, they are required to provide the German Packaging Law number and the relevant recycling entrustment certificate.

In fact, there are many sellers who don’t know about German packaging law. What are the specific requirements of German packing law? How to verify the validity of their registered regulations? What should sellers pay attention to when registering for the German packaging law? How can the German packaging law number be obtained?

What information is required for registration under the German Packaging Law?

  1. Company address;
  2. Sales tax identification number (VAT number);
  3. National identification number;
  4. List all brand names and implement commercial packaging on the market for the first time according to system participation requirements.

If you want to put your product on the market without a brand name, please enter the company name again (please do not enter: no name or no brand, etc.).

What is the registration process for the German packaging law?

In simple terms, the registration of the German packaging law is divided into three steps:

  1. Apply at the Packaging Register to get the registration code;
  2. Choose a packaging recycling company and register for a one-year or mutl-year packaging recycling declaration service;
  3. Submit the declaration information to Packaging Register:

Mainly the supplementary declaration period, recycling company, packaging type, weight, etc.

Then print the recycling logo on the product packaging.

How is the German Packaging Law number obtained?

After the seller registers on Packaging Register and fills in the license information of an authorized recycling company, the system will automatically generate a packaging law number.

Is it necessary to print the recycling logo if the packaging law number is registered?

The packaging law registration information does not require printing, to be on the safe side, it is recommended to print the recycling logo on the carton.

Is the registration for each store or each brand?

The registration is not in accordance with the store or the brand. The EU importer should complete the registration before the product is shipped to Germany. For example, if the store sells multiple products and there are multiple EU importers, then these EU importers are obliged to complete the packaging registration.

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