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How to declare and pay for the German packaging law?

The VerpackG(Verpackungsgesetz) is a German packaging law. The new German packaging law (VerpackG) came into effect in January 2019. The law is based on the latest revision of the “EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive”, requiring businesses to register as per the packaging law and declare the packaging materials, types and weight of pre-sold products, otherwise the products cannot be stored or sold in Germany.

However, after registering the German Packaging Law number, many sellers did not know that they needed to declare the recycled waste products, which resulted in the relevant shops being restricted in their sales authority. So how exactly is the German packaging law declared and paid?

According to the previous German packaging laws, sellers must indicate and estimate how many quantities and types of packaging will be put into circulation on the market each year. This must be done twice, one is at the beginning of the year, the seller needs to provide an estimated quantity, and then at the end of the year, the seller submits the actual quantity again.

However, since January 2019, Germany has introduced a new packaging law, VerpackG, which still follows this rule. The difference is that these two statements must also be sent to Packaging Register from 2019. Therefore, if the company reports actual inventory several times a year, every report submitted to the system must be submitted twice.

In addition, after the seller declares the amount of recycling for one year, he still needs to pay the recycling fee to the recycling agency. Generally, the recycling price is different according to different types of recycled products. The seller can refer to the following recycling prices:

  • Paper 142€/ton
  • Plastic 787€/ton
  • Ferrous metals 729€/ton
  • Glass 68€/ton
  • Beverage box package 759€/ton
  • Aluminum 739€/ton
  • Other mixed packaging 819€/ton
  • Natural materials (e.g. wood) 63€/ton

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