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Do self-delivery sellers need to apply for the new German packaging law?

Recently, many sellers have inquired about whether self-delivery sellers need to apply for the new German packaging law, and what kind of information do they need to prepare? How to deal with the new German packaging law?

First, sellers need to know what the main content of Germany’s new packaging law is. The German packaging law (also known as VerpackG) has officially entered into force in January 2019. And this is based on the latest amendments to the EU Packaging Waste Directive which is implemented in 2018.

In fact, Germany’s newly promulgated packaging law applies to all of Germany, and its regulations also apply to packaging waste caused by imported goods that are shipped with packaging in the country. According to the requirements of the Act, anyone who packs the goods and transports them inside or to Germany must register the package in the so-called dual system through a “license fee.”

By the end of 2019, the recycling rate of beverage carton packaging must reach 75%, the recycling rate of aluminum, glass, and ferrous metals must reach 75%, the recycling rate of paper, cardboard, and cartons must reach 85%, and the recycling rate of plastic must reach 90%.

In other words, no matter which country is a self-shipping seller is based, as long as your product is to be sold to the German market, then you must register the packaging law number in advance, and attach the recycling mark to the product packaging or manual.

What documents do I need to prepare for registration of the new German packaging law?

  • Packaging Recycling Registration Application Form
  • Company business license
  • Identify proof of legal representative

How to implement after German packaging law number is registered?

After registration, you will receive a packaging law registration number. Within 7-10 days after the registration number is issued, the total package weight accumulated in the next year should be declared to the German official. Then, the packaging recycling icon should be printed or affixed on the package.

How to avoid receiving huge fines related to the new German packaging law?

When the goods are sent to Germany for customs clearance, the customs have the right not to grant customs clearance because they have not found any packaging registration information. If you only register but do not entrust the recycler to recycle (there is no recycler’s mark on the outer packaging), you will also encounter obstacles to customs clearance and be required to provide a certificate for the entrusted recycling.

In addition, large traders or manufacturers that use more than 80,000 kilograms of glass, 50,000 kilograms of paper and cardboard for packaging, and companies that sell 30,000 kilograms of aluminum, plastics, and compounds in Germany should submit a Declaration of Conformity. Otherwise, it may result in a fine of 50,000 Euros.

Therefore, both self-delivery sellers and FBA sellers must strictly abide by local regulations and requirements to avoid malicious reports from competitors.

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