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How should sellers respond to the new EU Market Supervision Regulations?

1. Keep abreast of EU requirements for product safety compliance

According to regulatory requirements, products sold on the EU market must pass corresponding product safety testing (such as CE certification, RoHS testing, REACH certification, etc.), and obtain the product’s test report and related safety compliance marks. For electronic appliances or products with batteries, it is also necessary to register with the EU environmental protection agency for environmental protection to ensure that the recycling and disposal of the products fall within the scope of the regulations.

2. Contact a professional EU authorized representative service provider to apply for registration

An EU authorized representative needs not only to provide sellers with a contact address for their products to be sold on the EU market, but alos needs to deal with complicated communication between government departments and market surveillance agencies.

The EU authorized representative (EU responsible person) is usually not involved in the sales of related products that should generally be done by importers or sellers, but should be very familiar with and can handle complex CE and legal issues. Therefore, when the seller chooses the EU authorized representative, he must choose a professional European representative service provider with product compliance experiences.

3.Upload the EU representative information to the seller’s backend of major e-commerce platforms

If the seller uses an international e-commerce platform to sell products to the EU, he must submit the relevant EU authorized representative information to the platform in advance, such as the EU authorized reprensentative name, the address information, email, telephone number, etc. After the platform has approved this, the seller can ship the goods to the EU market normally.

4 . Display the contact information of the responsible person in the EU on the product or its packaging, package, or accompanying documents