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GS certification european representative

Awarding of GS mark explained

The German Product Safety Act had been revised and came into force since July 16th, 2021. Manufacturers outside EU / EFTA (European Free Trade Association) are no longer able to apply for GS Licenses without a representative within the EU / EFTA.  We provide professional representative service for GS applicants and GS holders.  Contact us for consulting! This article explains legal basis of GS mark, scope of GS mark, what are GS capability of RED components? Exceptions of GS mark products. Requirements for the award of the GS mark.

How to get your products GS certified?

About the GS mark. What is GS certification? What is GS Certification body? What is GS certification scope? What is GS certification process? What is the difference between GS certification and CE certification?

The know of GS mark and certification

All about GS mark, GS certification Germany . What is GS mark? What are GS mark Germany requirements? What are significances of GS mark? Applicable product range of GS mark, GS mark application process, GS mark application check-list for electrical appliance.