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EPR requirement

How to get EPR done as a small seller?

Amazon will enforce from Jan 1st, 2022 the full EPR compliance for German and France market. This affects all sellers in the platform. Today we provide a briefing on the German and French EPR process and cost structure. What is EPR? How can a seller get EPR done? How long does EPR take? How much does EPR cost?

Amazon will collect and verify EPR registration information from 2022

New announcement from Amazon regarding EPR. Amazon will collect and verify the seller’s EPR registration information. If the seller fails to meet the requirements, non-compliant products will be suspended on the listing. What is EPR? How do sellers determine whether they need to register for EPR? What do sellers need to do to meet EPR requirements? What is the difference between French EPR and German EPR? Contact for free consulting to EPR registration and compliance service!

EPR compliance for Germany and France

As the EPR registration obligation deadline approaches, sellers are beginning to have more questions about EPR. How are EPR products classified? How do sellers calculate the quantity that their store needs to declare? What issues should be paid attention to when submitting the registration to the platform? We conducted a comprehensive interpretation and analysis of the EPR registration issues that cross-border sellers are mostly concerned about.