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EU Market Supervision Regulations(EU2019/1020) and Amazon Sellers

If you do not have a valid European Representative, you may not even be qualified to sell your products to the European market.

Recently, there has been a lot of noise about the appointing European Representative. Since the “EU Market Supervision Regulations (EU2019/1020)” was issued, some products sold in the EU (excluding the UK) need to be compliant with the European Representative and Responsible Person regulation. These regulated products are highly overlapping with the scope of CE-compliant products. Before July 16, 2021, sellers and platforms need to ensure that there are economic operators that are located in the EU and responsible for product compliance. Major e-commerce platforms have followed the new regulations and put forward different requirements for sellers’ product compliance.

Risks of products ban from Amazon FBA without product compliance

If the EU responsible person information is not uploaded in Amazon portal for products with the CE mark, there will be a risk of products prohibiting from entering the FBA warehouse on June 11, 2021.

Before June 11, 2021, you must inform Amazon by filling in the responsible person of the CE marked product to avoid FBA inbound shipments ban from entering the EU/EEA.