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How to place WEEE label correctly on the product?

When it comes to selling electronic and electrical products in Germany, sellers and friends know that all electronic products need to be registered for WEEE recycling, and the electronic products sold must be marked with the correct method, otherwise it will affect the sales of the goods. So, how to correctly place the WEEE label on the product? What is the size of the WEEE label? What are the requirements for setting up WEEE labeling? How to test the wear resistance of the WEEE logo printed on the product? What are the requirements for the position of the WEEE label on the product? Which electric and electrical products does the WEEE directive apply to? Sellers can learn from the following points to avoid printing errors.

German WEEE for foreign companies selling electrical products to Germany

Of course, a foreign company can sell electrical appliances in Germany. However, the compliance obstacle is heavier now due to full enforcement of e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon and more frequent random audit of the authority. In addition to the appointment of an authorized representative, the legislature sees the establishment of a branch or the conversion of sales channels as alternatives. In the following we would like to briefly explain the possibilities.