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New EU energy efficiency labeling regulation: update your electric appliances label or face delisting by Amazon

Mid of August 2021, Amazon Europe has issued an important announcement to remind sellers to pay attention to the new energy efficiency labelling requirements of the listed products.

Electric appliances sellers, please note that this EU regulatory directive has been implemented, and you need to make sure your product energy efficiency label is compliant! What is energy efficiency label certification, it has an impact on sellers, what should sellers do?

From March 1, 2021, the new energy efficiency labeling requirements has come into effect in the EU. If the products sold by sellers are affected by the new energy efficiency labeling requirements, they must be updated in time. If the energy efficiency labeling is not complied with the regulations, your Amazon store will face the risk of suspension of sale.

As for the energy efficiency labeling of light sources, new legal requirements have been formulated. Amazon said that it will be enforced on September 1 in accordance with EU directives, and the previous regulations will be abolished at the same time. Sellers will need to indicate the energy efficiency rating and related value ranges in electronic and electrical products.

In addition, Amazon reminds sellers of the steps required to upload and update related product listings.

When uploading new product listings or updating existing listings governed by energy efficiency labeling regulations, sellers should enter or upload the required information as required to ensure that any energy efficiency rating information in the form of text or pictures meets the new requirements. If the requirements are not completed in time, Amazon will remove the products sold in the store.

Soon after Amazon released the energy efficiency label announcement, there are cases in August 2021 that some sellers’ products were delisted from Amazon because they did not upload the energy efficiency label. Although some sellers still want to have some puffer to update the new energy efficiency labelling, Amazon had made the early steps in strict enforcement!

We concluded that this regulation was promulgated by the European Union. As early as March 1, 2021, the new energy efficiency labeling requirements came into effect in the European Union. Amazon is obligated to act in accordance with the EU government’s instructions, no wonder they enforce this compliance to their platform sellers as soon as possible.

What you need to do now is to quickly upload energy efficiency labels for your products, or your products will be permanently delisted.

What is the EU new energy efficiency label?

To promote consumers to save household energy efficiency expenditures and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the European Union first applied energy efficiency labels to a variety of household appliances in 1994, and then expanded the energy efficiency labels in 2004. The comparison scale ranges from A (the most energy efficient) to G (The lowest energy efficiency).

On March 11, 2019, the European Commission approved a new version of the energy efficiency label format for dishwashers, washing machines and washer dryers, refrigerators, lamps, electronic displays (including TVs) and refrigeration equipment with direct selling functions. These home appliances need to apply the new energy efficiency label from March 1, 2021.

The light bulbs and lamps will be enforced from September 1, 2021. If the seller fails to upload new energy efficiency label in time, the products will not be allowed to be sold in the EU.

Which products need to apply for uploading energy efficiency labels?

Air conditioners, cooking appliances, dishwashers, heaters, lamps, light bulbs, local space heaters, household refrigeration equipment, special refrigeration equipment, televisions, tumble dryers, tires, vacuum cleaners, residential ventilation equipment, household washing machines, solid fuels boiler.

How to upload EU energy efficiency label information in Amazon?

On the product detail page, the seller displays energy efficiency information through a special “energy efficiency label” widget, which will be activated immediately after providing specific product attributes.

To comply with the regulatory requirements for energy efficiency labeling, Amazon requires that when listing new products regulated by energy efficiency labeling regulations or updating existing product information, input or upload the above required information.

What are the consequences of not updating the energy efficiency label in time?

According to the announcements of major cross-border e-commerce platforms, if the seller fails to upload the EU energy efficiency label for the products sold in time, the product will be delisted, and the store may be at risk of closure.

Once the EU competent authorities investigate and check the imported products that fail to apply for energy efficiency label certification, the products could be detained at custom, and in certain circumstances the goods may face the risk of destruction.

The energy efficiency labeling regulations have been in effect for one week. Sellers please carefully check whether the store products need to update energy efficiency labels.

How to formulate the new EU energy efficiency label? How to get the EU energy efficiency label certified? Contact us for consultation.