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EN71 test standards for toy safety explained

The EN 71 series of toy safety standards are a series of specific test standards formulated by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for the Toys Directive 2009/48/EC. This series of standards includes all the indicators in the “Toy Safety Directive” and covers most toy products. All toy stores sold in the European Union must meet the EN 71 series of test standards. The EN 71 series of standards include physical and mechanical properties, flammability, electrical properties, radioactivity requirements, operating instructions, warnings, etc. In this article we explain we are EN71 harmonized standards involved in toy products, what distributors should check regarding toy compliance in EU.

EN71 harmonized standards involved in toy products

The EN71 series, which is applicable to all types of performance standards, has the following standards:

EN71-1 Physical and mechanical test

EN 71-2 flammability test

EN 71-3 Toxic Metal Migration Test

EN 71-4 Chemical Experiment Toys

EN 71-5 Non-experimental chemical toys

EN 71-7 Requirements for paints and coatings

EN 71-8 Swing, slide and similar toys for indoor and outdoor home entertainment

EN 71-9 General requirements for organic compounds in toys

EN 71-10 Sample preparation and extraction of organic compounds

EN 71-11 Analysis method for organic compounds

EN 71-12 Nitrosamines and nitroso substances

EN 71-13 Smell board game, taste board game, cosmetics

EN 71-14 Family entertainment trampoline toy.

With the emergence of smart products, toy products are no longer simply toy products, but may be products that integrate toy products and electronic smart products. Currently, you need to refer to multiple CE directives for quality control and product compliance.

What distributors should check regarding toy compliance in EU

1.      Declaration of conformity(DoC)

In Europe, all toys or children’s products targeted at 14 years of age and younger are subject to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC (“Toy Safety Directive”), which contains the rules for supplying and selling toy products in the European Union. The directive sets out many important requirements for toy safety, labeling, warnings, and regulatory obligations.

2.      Technical Files

For example, test reports or product certification certificates prove that the product complies with the corresponding EU harmonized standards. It must meet the testing standards required by the regulation, and it is better to be compliant to the latest EN71 standard.

3.      Product picture and six-sided picture of outer packaging

Clearly display the CE mark, brand logo, product name, and item number that are consistent with the test report. It is not a mark for children under 3 years old. The picture must be taken without modification.

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