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Deadline for the compliance submission of EU Representatives for Amazon sellers

Multiple Amazon sellers received a notification email that they need to submit EU Representatives’ information by the end of August 2021.

This product compliance requirement is like an ultimatum given by the platform to sellers without a European representative, reminding sellers to seize the time to improve the compliance information of EU representative compliant products, otherwise the store will face a penalty of delisting later.

According to several Amazon sellers, they have recently received notification emails about product compliance on the platform, and they are required to upload all the compliance documents of the seller by the end of August at the latest.

It is worth noting that as early as June 2020, the Amazon platform has issued a European representative product compliance email reminder, requiring sellers on European sites to provide it, otherwise their store products will face the risk of not being able to enter the fulfillment warehouse in the later stage.

Amazon raided the seller’s backend and strictly checked the product information

According to industry insiders, recently, to allow platform sellers to update product compliance documents, the Amazon platform has conducted a comprehensive scan, filter, and analysis of both new and old products through extensive investigations.

If it is found that the information in the seller’s backend does not have compliant documents (for example, six-sided packaging drawings, DoC, European Representative registration information, etc.), the platform will require the seller to upload product compliance information immediately. In case this is not done, the seller will face the risk of delisting in the future.

How should sellers respond to the strict inspection of the Amazon platform?

1.      Immediately apply for EU representative appointment

The Amazon platform sends product compliance reminder emails to some sellers this time. It is a warning to all sellers who have not appointed a European representative in terms of product compliance. Please immediately start work on the product compliance as soon as possible.  Otherwise, you will regret it when you wait until the store’s products are delisted.

2.      What are the benefits of choosing us as EU representative?

  • High-quality personalized consulting services
  • All-inclusive customized DOC correction advising services
  • Profound knowledge of technical files and product compliance
  • Assist clients in improving product compliances

3.      Upload EU representative information to the seller’s backend of each platform

If the seller uses an international e-commerce platform to sell products to the EU, he must supplement the relevant EU authorized representative’s information in the backend of the platform in advance. This information includes:

  • Name, address, email, phone number of the EU authorized representative
  • Contact information of the EU responsible person in the EU is displayed in the product or its packaging, parcel or accompanying documents.

What documents do I need to prepare to apply for an EU authorized representative service?

  • Declaration of Conformity after the products are tested
  • Product list
  • Product photos

What is the impact if the seller does not have an EU responsible person?

After July 16, 2021, if a seller sells CE-marked products without European representative, it will be considered illegal, and the store will face a penalty of suspension of sale.

If the seller does not comply with the relevant legal requirements and the product lacks European representative information, the specific impacts are as follows:

  • The risk of seizure of goods and detention of FBA warehouse inventory
  • The product is delisted, and it is prohibited or restricted from being released on the market
  • Subject to EU customs review, the product faces the risk of not being able to clear customs